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Random Officer
NY's Finest NPC
Personnel file for Officer Bernstein. 
7th-Jun-2006 06:59 pm
As requested by Captain Deakins:

Personal Information

Name: Benjamin David Bernstein
DOB: 10/16/80
Title: Patrol Officer
Hire Date: 02/19/03

943 E 58th St.
New York, NY 11239

Next of Kin:
-David Jacob Bernstein (Father)
-Marlene Bernstein (Mother)
-No siblings

Emergency Contact:
David Jacob Bernstein
2932 W 119th St.
New York, NY 11214
(239) 555-2930

Medical Information

OTJ Injuries: None

Current Medical Conditions: Hypertension

Sick days taken: 8

Medical-related leave of absences: None

Latest psych evaluation:

01/06/06 - Officer Bernstein displays a mild contempt for higher forms of authority. Although not technically insubordinate, he feels that many of his supervisor's instructions are superfluous or flawed. He has an elevated sense of his own intelligence but does not seem to have a very stable sense of self-esteem. Because of these senses of inadequacy and above-average intelligence, he is a diligent, detail-oriented worker, often putting in overtime hours and volunteering for extra shifts. This behavior reinforces for him that he is "needed".

An area of concern with Officer Bernstein is his attitude toward certain groups, namely minorities and women. Although not extreme, he does present with a degree of contempt for them. His own feelings of inadequacy lead him to need other individuals to view as "lesser" than himself, and his experiences on the job in dealing with minority groups seem to have reinforced this view.

In my opinion, there is not a need to remove Officer Bernstein from active duty. However, I do believe cultural sensitivity training would benefit him greatly. I recommend scheduling a follow-up evaluation in six months, during which time I recommend he attend training or seminars to enhance his cultural awareness and sensitivity.

- Dr. Hammond Bluth, MA, LPC

Occupational Information

Academy Class Ranking: 90/200

Tour of Duty:
- Assigned to patrol 03/01/03 - 26th Precinct
- Assigned to patrol 08/16/03 - 17th Precinct
- Assigned to patrol 04/22/05 - 14th Precinct

Annual Evaluations:
- Overall Performance: Needs Improvement
- Areas Needing Improvement: Public relations, cultural awareness, communication
- Areas Excelled In: Professional appearance, documentation

- Overall Performance: Acceptable
- Areas Needing Improvement: Adherence to ethical guidelines
- Areas Excelled In: Personal safety precautions

- Overall Performance: Satisfactory
- Areas Needing Improvement: Interpersonal skills
- Areas Excelled In: Documentation, thoroughness of work

- Overall Performance: Satisfactory
- Areas Needing Improvement: Teamwork, general attitude
- Areas Excelled In: Availability

Letters of Commendations: None enclosed

Letters of Complaint: 1 enclosed

To the Immediate Supervisor of Officer Bernstein:

I am writing to complain about the treatment my family received from one of your officers, who identified himself as Officer Bernstein. He responded to a call one of my neighbours made about the volume of our music (which was being played by my teenage daughter and was turned down as soon as he arrived, with our apologies). Once inside our home, he began picking up our personal belongings, many with significant religious or emotional value, and asking us what "all this shit" was. He made crude remarks about our way of life and our religious values, and he spoke very inappropriately to my teenage daughter, whom he requested that he speak to "in private" in her bedroom, about her music. She seemed very shaken after he left, although she won't tell us what it is he said to her.

I suggest that you do a better job in hiring and training your officers. They should be expected to carry out their duties without being offensive and inappropriate.

Muhammed Al-Kareem
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